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Disc Solokha smooth boron

Article: ВА-01.408?01 Б

Disc harrows Solokha smooth boron Veles Agro

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Disc harrows, Solokha (smooth) BOR.
Suitable for disc harrows «Solokha» type BGR-4,2, 6,7-BGR.
Hemispherical, self-sharpening, engraved disc type «smooth».
Resistance to abrasion (wear resistance), high resistance to impact and bending.
Made of abrasion-resistant (boron) steel with a hardness 48…52 HRC.

Disc harrows Solokha smooth Veles aggro of borated steel

Disks for Disk harrows BDT-7/DMT-4/BDVP/BGR/LDH/PD